Majical Cloudz - This Is Magic chords

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This Is Magic
Majical Cloudz

pretty simple. just repeats the same chord pattern over and over. listen for timing. 

C                 F
I feel like a kid
C               Am         G                         F
I see some monster standing over my crib
And they fall in

Somebody knows who I am
Somebody sees me and wants to be my friend
And I know

This is all that I want
I had dreams about you when I was so young
And you're mine

I hear a murderer walk
I hear his footsteps talk through floorboards in my house
And he climbs the stairs

If this is all that I have
If this song is the last thing I do I feel so good
That I sang it

I see this light
Coming from behind and growing to enormous size
This is magic

As I let my body go
I thought you should know that it's been so fine
I've been fine

I feel like a kid
I see some monster standing over my crib
And they fall in
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