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Manchester Orchestra - Alice And Interiors chords

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Artist: Manchester Orchestra
Song: Alice and Interiors 
Album: I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child
tabbed by: recebedou

Standard Tuning: CAPO II [all chords relative to capo]

Chords used:
C:   032010
D:   000232
Em:  022000
G:   320033


Intro riff: [play 2x for intro]
G|---0-2-0----2-0----0------0-2-0---2-0--0----------| then,


Verse 1 chords: [play Intro riff with verse 1]
I swear I'll tried again, you're never visible on the weekdays
When I need you to do what you can't afford to do
You better watch your tone, you're not invisible you know
I'll do what I have do to stop the sound coming from you

Chorus 1 chords:
          C               Em              G        Em       D      C
Cause the truth is you're probably not as bad as I make you out to be
       Em           G           Em          D        C
To the boys and the girls, that will listen closely, know
        Em          G              Em        D       C
I'm the one that is happy, you can write the coolest songs
      G                      D
I was wrong, yeah I'm always wrong

Verse 2: [use verse 1 chords]
And my God what do we have here
I've been trying hard and you've been dying hard for years now
Well I swear I did it all, I'll always be my best flaw
Please just pick up the phone, am I invincible, you know
I'll do what I've gotta do to stop the sound coming

Chorus 2: [use chorus 1 chords]
Cause the truth is you're probably not as bad as I thought that you were being
To the boys and myself, we're just tired of listening, know
I'm the one that is sorry. Help me write the coolest songs
You were wrong. Yeah you're always wrong

Interlude: [play intro chords]

Chorus 3: [chorus 1 chords]
Cause the truth is that no one, truly knows what the hell it is you're doing
When we ask are you dead or are you just sleeping Oh yeah
I'm the one that is happy. I don't like your shitty songs
You were wrong, yeah you're always wrong

Outro: [play intro chords]

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