Manchester Orchestra - Never Really Been Another Way Out chords

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Tuning - half step down

intro - Am C F Am (C D)
db|-------------------------hard to hear this last bit to know if its right
eb|------------------------------------| X2

When you both die,
You'll both die alone
               C                             F
And there's a song that you'll hear when you go
          F                          Am
Well, it sounds like the buried are home
           C                             F
And they know you but you'd never have known

                 Am                          C
In fact, there's never really any other way out
            F                           Em 
No, there's never really any other way out

C                          E
  Now your life is passing by
And you feel the same
            C          E
There's no use, with you

Am C F Am (C D)

In the back, you were laying on the bed
Trying to inflate and deflate it
You said, "I swear that I'll never [?]
I'm just a man with belief in you."

And no, there's never really anybody that counts
Know that you've never really been a body that counts

Now this life has passed you by
And you feel the same
There's no use, with you

F        C             Dm 
When my fate turns to sand,
                C       C/B     Am
Oh, would you share the master plan?
                    F       C
I swear that I will try to find you
Once I'm up there

Now this life is passing by
And I feel the same
There's no room to move

Cause I can't find a piece of mine
But I can't blame you
There's no room to

Am C F Am (C D)
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