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Manchester Orchestra - Right Away Great Captain Love Come And Save Me tab

Now you Right Away, Great Captain! fans have a tab to play this bitchin song.


Just repeat that for that throughout the whole song


i was packing bags like a bat out of hell,
and you were slipping on your dress

i was punching holes in a ticket to downtown
mass, where the spirit fled

away from my body and away from my blood
like fire that we never lit

have you ever seen a man so shattered
as the man that you are looking at
i could try again if you wanted me to
i swear i'd be a better man

if roses and daises won't do the trick
that ill create another perfect plan

i swear to the heavens ill forget the past
just tell me that you need me back

have you ever seen a man so shattered
as that man you refuse again to write back
i just need you, my river
i just need you, my love

you are looking east with the heaviest heart
that i can ever recall seeing

time is not the answer that you wanted to hear
but time is what your going to get

have you ever seen a love burn brighter
than this mans love that you are looking at

love, come and save me... from the burning
love, go and save him... from the drowning
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