Mando Diao - Mexican Hardcore chords

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Bm          G            A               Bm
Went to new Mexico with dependencies and lies
Bm                  G                 A        
you met a girl that smack you in your bed 
Bm                      G                      
She said in June you'll find me
       A               Bm
but in august I'll be gone
Bm                   G             A 
and I will leave you crying on the ground 

and the rings we switched 
I melted them down to pure gold 
Em                               Bm
I pawned them yesterday, they're gone 
Em                           Bm                       
all your tries won't make me jealous anyway 
A                       G
so don't try to find me babe 
my love is dead 

              Bm                 Em
She's got hot finger tips got a jacket pin 
        G  A       Bm               Em 
it's a twiggy, hot murderess on the main street 
          G  A
hunts you down 
            D             Em 
and all the time she just smiles 
        A               G
between marmalade's and eyes 
      Bm                    F#
hot silver she was just too much 
poor boy 

For the 2nd chorus same chord as 1st chorus
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