Mandy Moore - Healing Incantation chords

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Hi there!  Here's another from Tangled:)  This is 
Rapunzel's version that she sings.   (Mother Gothel's is
different, as well as the little girl version.)

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Bm [224432]
E7 [020100]
Bm*[22443x] I think it sounds better muting the high e.  Let me know if you
            have any other suggestions :)

Standard Tuning
W/ capo on 2

-Single strums throughout-

A       Bm        A
Flower, gleam and glow
A        Bm    A
Let your power shine
Dm       Am    Bm*
Make the clock reverse
(no chord)      Am       E7
Bring back what once was mine

A         Bm       A
Heal what has been hurt
A          Bm     A
Change the Fates' design
Dm        Am       Bm*
Save what has been lost
(no chord)      Am       E
Bring back what once was mine
     E7       Am
What once was mine

Have fun and RATE:)
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