Mandy Moore - Ladies Choice tab

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This song seems fairly simple, but it's the first time I've tried to figure out chords 
ear, so there may be mistakes.

Listen to the song for strumming and whatnot.

Intro:  G  Am  C  D (x2)

1st Verse
G   Am  C          D
You did everything

I asked you not to

Look where it got you

G   Am                C        D
Iím sure you heard it before

But how could you?

And baby, why would you?


C        Am
Goodbye, sweetheart

C         Am
Countdown started

C         Am
Words are heavy

C                Am
But Iím far from broken hearted

C       Am
Goodbye stranger

C             Am
Iíll take the fall

C         Am
Lies were tempting

C                       D
Though you never really threw me off at all

Go ahead

Waste your time

Count me out

          D                       G
Take your place at the end of the line

Raise a glass

No surprise

          D                     G    Am   C
Hereís to us at the end of the line (oh)
          D                    G    Am   C
Hereís to us at the end of the line

G Am C D

Iíll miss the version of you
Who loved me
And all that they donít see
You said you could be good
Somehow youíre guilty
And youíre not even sorry


G Am D
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