Manic Street Preachers - Fearless Punk Ballad chords

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Lovely Send Away The Tigers era b-side. :) 

Intro: G (x2)

Verse 1 & 2:

G                             D  
At 21 I thought this song was over
Em                             C
At 29 my eyes closed tight and suffered
Cm                         G    
Recurring dreams still unrelenting
The world turned west, we found redemption

G                       D
At 26 something was delivered
Em                              C 
No time to think and no time to worry
Cm                                G 
Wrote my words and they made more sense
They soon became, the best defence


        B               Em
And the rain came down, so, so hard
       C        G 
Like a fearless Punk ballad
        B               Em
And the rain came down, so, so hard
       C        D
Like a fearless Punk ballad

Fill: G (x2) 

Verse 3
G                 D
At 17 it all came together
Em                                     C
And the sky broke through with so much colour
Cm                       G
We fell in love with one another
I guess we longed, to be discovered



G(x3), D, Em, C, Cm, G, D



Dsus4, D (x3)

Hope you enjoy playing the song and if there are any problems with it
don't hesitate to comment telling me what can be changed to make it sound
any better. :) 
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