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Manic Street Preachers - She Bathed Herself In A Bath Of Bleach chords

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She Bathed Herself In A Bath of Bleach
beautiful song by a beautiful man.

Intro , B,A,F#m ..  but movr your pinkie finger to the g string every so often .. 
if you listen to it youll figure it out (:


F#m                              B A F#m
She'd walk on broken glass for love
                                           B A F#m
She thought burnt skin would please her lover
                                B A F#m 
To keep love alive and lust beside

Kind people should never be treated like...


B      F#m       A     E
Empty arms and naked heart
B            F#m         A          E
Violence, a sad truth followed with a
B          F#m   A          E
Table for two, such a sweet delight
B            F#m         A       E         B A F#m
Whispers "I love you my darling" tonight

Love bathed her in a bath of bleach

"I brought you here, no one else will"

Don't hurt her anymore, stop now

But salmon pink skin memories took care of...

first tab,i apologise,i deciphered the chords by guessing them while i played 
along to the track,it sounded just about right for a first attempt (:

ebbs (:
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