Marble Sounds - Sky High chords

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I tried to tab the chords of Sky High, performed by Marble Sounds. I'm not sure of 
some chords, but I think it's pretty fine.

G Em Em B C Am G and then F# G Am


G Em                    B    C     
You’ve only to say good night
Am             G                   F# G Am     
Then all these dreams will be yours
G Em                    B    C 
Can I turn out the light
Am             G                   F# G Am
And hum your favourite "wee small hours"


Em B               D    C 
The blinds hide an open view
Em B               C    D
On a city that feels renewed
Em B               D    C              Em B
And I count my age by days 'cause that way
C           D
Years go by slower


(same as in VERSE)
It felt good to go astray
To find this surprising place
And nothing can soothe me more than to know
Nothing is over

D   Em
Sky high
B           C      Am
Hundreds of stories
B        D    
Into the clouds
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