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Marc Cohn - Silver Thunderbird chords

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|Em7 D/F# G(2)| | let ring | 

|Em7 D/F# G5  | | C5 D5    | 

Em7 D/F# G 

G                      C Bm7
Watched it coming up Winslow
          Am            G D
Down South Park Boulevard
            Em7            D/F#         G
Yeah it was looking good from tail to hood
                       C     Bm7
Great big fins and painted steel
       Am           G          D
Man it looked just like the Bat-mobile
     Em      D/F#      G
With my old man behind the wheel

                Em         D  
Well you could hardly even see him
        C            G
In all of that chrome
    Em           D               C       G
The man with the plan and the pocket comb
    Em         D         C         G D 
But every night it carried him home
Em/D  D
     And I could hear him sayin'...

G                      C
  Don't gimme no Buick
Son you must take my word
If there's a God in heaven
           C                  G
He's got a Silver Thunderbird
G                             C
  You can keep your Eldorados
And the foreign car's absurd
Me I wanna go down
In a Silver Thunderbird

|Em7 D/F# G| |Em7 D/F# G| |C D|

Verse 2

He got up every morning
While i was still asleep
But I remember the sound of him shuffling around
Then right before the crack of dawn
I heard him turn the motor on
But when I got up they were gone

Bridge 2 & 3
Down the road in the rain and snow
The man and his machine would go
Oh the secrets that old car would know
Sometimes I hear him sayin'... 
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