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Marc Nelson - Lead Me tab

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Lead Me
Marc Nelson, Bob Skylar

Key: G
      G        F/G
Lead me, (lead me) (3x)
       Am7           C          G
To the Rock that is higher than I (2x)
       Am7  G                  Cmaj7 C
To the Rock  that is higher than I

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Verse 1:
G                       D
Lord the hope that is in me
   Em                  Cmaj7  D
Is in the move of your mighty hand
G        D           Em                 Cmaj7     D
I can do nothing but wait for you, Just wait for you

Verse 2:
G                    D
 It's you who are mighty
     Em           Cmaj7          D
The battle surely rests in your hands
G           D        Em       C       Am7     D
Crowned in glory, Triumphant Lord with You I stand

Verse 3:
Lord I need you to guide me
The path I walk is not my own
I am not able to make my way if left alone
I need you beside me
To speak your truth into my life
To know I can make it even in the darkest night