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Marcy Playground - Special chords

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Artist: Marcy Playground
Song: Special
Album: Lunch, Recess & Detention
Also found on the MP3 demos bootleg and as a bonus track on
Leaving Wonderland...In A Fit Of Rage!

Main Riff/Keyboard Riff: (Played over the chords E G A C)

Verse : E G A C (Open Chords)

Chorus: B5  A5  G5 F#5

Verse 1:
E          G     A
You're so complicated
C         E         G      A
It takes prophets, poets, sages
C     E      G    A         C       E G A C
To decipher everything you say and do

I'm so scattered, flattered
You would brave my clutter
Utterly, enthusiastically in love with you

Chorus 1:
B5   A5     G5  F#5
Yo-o-ou are spe-cial
     B5       A5     G5 F#5
And in your arms I'm special... too
(On the word "too" retun to the verse chord
pattern with the main riff played over it)

Verse 2:
You and I believe in one belief
That covers toxic lovers
You and I are prone to insanity
Glory to the king of Ritalin
A queen who is impulse driven
Requisites for you to marry me

Chorus 2:
You are gorgeous
And in your arms I'm gorgeous... too

E G A C (Same as verse)
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

B5   A5      G5 F#5
Yo-o-ou are per-fect

For me

Begin Main Riff/Keyboard Riff again)

End on E
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