Margaret Durante - Mississippis Crying chords

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Mississippi's Crying
Margaret Durante
No Capo

Hey guys this is my first tab so I hope you like it!

F Bb F Bb

It keeps raining down the tear stained face of this 
Bb                F      Bb
lonely town and I drown 
F                                                    Bb
And I keep reaching for one good reason why you said good-bye
      F        Bb
turn around
          Dm                 Bb
oh you're leaving me in this empty state
    Dm             C                  Bb
and all I see are dark clouds as you drive away


Mississippi's crying baby
Mississippi's sad
I think we just figured out
that you ain't coming back
the sky can see you leaving
and it can't hold back the tears
     Dm                 C                 Bb
its pouring down and my heart thinks its dying
                F       Bb    F   Bb
Mississippi's crying

F                                                Bb
Night keeps looking for him like shining in this driveway
            F        Bb
they don't shine
    F                                          Bb 
and I keep hoping that this crazy storm will drive you home
              F     Bb
but not this time
      Dm                Bb
oh my only wish is to change the weather
        Dm           C              Bb
are you coming back or is it gonna rain forever?


Dm (maybe?)            Bb
Where you going baby? What's in Tennessee?
F                                   C
you never said a word about Memphis
C          Bb
so who is she?
It keeps raining down the tear stained face of this
lonely town
      F      Bb
and I drown  


F             Bb          
Mississippi's crying
F    Bb
oooh oooh
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