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Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos - Theres A Freakshow Downtown tab

There's a Freakshow Downtown.
Margot and the nuclear so & so's.

Standard Tuning.
My first tab. Easy song. Great band.

PS:It's a little weird how i made it. The numbers and chords above the Tabs correspond 
to those above the lyrics

|---------------------------------------------------------------|Repeat 2X

  [A]     H       1     2      H2
Palm mute these.
              [A]       H
There's a freakshow.. Downtown..
               [A]             H
We've been burning.. through crowds
             1   2           H2
We've got time... To get home.

             [A]                 H
What's his shoe size? How's his hair?
           [A]         H
Is it curly? Is it fair?
             1..2            H
Take me home.....It's no joke.

Bridge to chorus:
Let's call this HH

                 1        2
He better not... Be there
      H         [A]
When I... Get home
           1                      2                 H HH
Or I'll break his nose.... And shatter his rib bones


              [A]                   H
Turn the light on. Take your face off.
            [A]                        H
Tell me exactly what the hell is goin' on
                 1  2
Let your dress down. Cut my lungs out
Make me happy.

Repeat Chorus Tab Twice.Once for singing. Then one without singing.

Verse 1.

Then Chorus again.

You can figure out the rest. It's pretty straight forward.

Thank you!

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