Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos - A Light On A Hill chords

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Margot And The Nuclear So And So's - A Light On A Hill

Am           C 
That's no way to live
      F             C          G
all tangled up like balls of string.
Am         C
And we woke at dawn
    F                    C           G
and watched the sun glide over the hill.

Am C F C G

Am        C
I just said the first 
       F                 C      G
three words that popped into my head.
Am         C            F                      C                 G
Let me off the bus; I'm tired and sore and should probably change clothes.

F                   Am
And the circuits are blown,
my woman is cold,
                 C           G 
our children are stoned and worthless.
F               Am                   F                        C         G          (Am)
All waiting for you to tell them the truth. The truth is a line, that you'll never use.

Am C F C G

Am         C
And her dignity
F                      C           G 
shown so bright like a light on a hill.
Am           C
And she burned for me, 
       F          C            G
and no other man came near the flame.
Am             C            F                     C               G
And back country songs the deafening twang of the rich-white-kid blues
Am        C
You can own the stage,
         F                     C            G 
but the lights and glares will not make you real.

F               Am                    F
She whispers to me, I was meant to be free. 
                     C        G
This life that we've built is deadly. 
F                  Am                           F
She crawls from my bed, puts a comb 'cross her head,
                   C         G             (Am)
She crawls to the train and drives herself home

Am C F C G

=w= Beautiful song, enjoy.
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