Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos - Jen Is Bringin The Drugs chords

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This is just an expansion on the work done by Matt Whittle who made the Ver. 2 of 
these chords. I really like having all the lyrics with the chords. This is simply 
his chords with the expanded lyrics. So, all credit goes to Mr. Whittle and, of 
course, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's.

This song is pretty straight forward. I play the D/F# chord in a way that is not 
listed in Ultimate-Guitar's data base. I'm not even sure if it is the proper way 
to play the chord, but it sounds right to me. Here is how I play the C-D/F#-Em progression:


 G       C          Em
Jen is bringin' the drugs,
                  C    D/F# Em
she wants to get real fucked up.

              C        D/F#
She used to laugh and smile,
but the years of denial,
       C                      D7
have taken their toll on her dial.

       G     C         Em
But, me, I do as I please.
                 C    D/F# Em
I caught you and set you free.

                  C      D/F#                  Em
Cause I have been left alone by the people I've known.
       C                            D7
And I don't know when they're coming home.

     G          C        Em
And Jen don't wanna be seen,
                    C   D/F#   Em
But I saw her in a swank magazine.
           C          D/F#           Em
She had an airbrushed face, But the lines of distaste
       C                      D7
were crossed without crossing of legs.

 G          C          Em
And I don't wanna be found.
              C       D/F#           Em 
So when you get home,  I'm skipping town.
               C         D/F#               Em
I'm leaving to go someplace where nobody will
C                       D7
 have any clue where I am.

  G           C            Em
And Jen is bringing the drugs.
                C     D/F# Em
She's gonna get me fucked up.
                  C      D/F#       Em
Cause love is an inkless pen. It's a tavern, it's sin.
       C                 D7
It's a horrible way to begin
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