Maria Mena - Youre All Telling Stories chords

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You're All Telling Stories by Maria Mena

There's already a tab for this but it didn't quite sound right to meÖ Basically 
it's just Am, em, F, E alternating except for the chorus, where it's Am, E, F, E. 
As far as I can tell.

Capo 3 (or whatever you feel like to suit your voice)

It goes like this through all the verses

    Am                              Em
You look like you just lost your dearest friend.
         F                               E          
Played a round of a sisterly game called ďpretendĒ.
 Am                 Em             F             E              Am
The dice landed on feelings not returned,I was a fool I didnít learn.
             F               E
Close to the fire felt the burn.

This is a tale Ďbout loyalty to me.
A friendshipís end, of course, amicably.
I must apologize for my cold goodbye,This is my life, the reason why,
Youíre not allowed here back inside.

I remember when I first laid eyes on you.
I thought hereís one that understands my truth.
You seemed as openly-closed as myself,I felt intrigued I felt unwell,
I had no choice I had to tell.

But once entrusted with my biggest fears
Iíve questioned where Iíve had you through the years.
You kept a portion of my heart to sell, You did not treat it very well
Although I begged you not to tell.

(then the chorus is like this)

Am                     E
Youíre all telling stories,
F                   E
Youíre all telling lies,
Am                   E
How come youíre so blurry?
F                E
Youíre all in disguise.

Am Em F E (x2)

There are some people youíll know all your life.
A constant group that leave you feeling safe.
But I have learned that some are there to change you,Leave you wiser, 
but then are better left estranged.

I heard you met him out the other night.
And drunkenly expressed with all your might.
That you still miss our friendship but abstain from taking action,
Still the same, I donít miss fractions, canít complain.

Youíre all telling stories,
Youíre all telling lies,
How come youíre so blurry?
Youíre all in disguise.

Am E F E (x2)

So that's it! I may have gotten it completely wrong but that's how I play it. If 
there's anything you think that can be more accurate please let me know. Or just 
make a tab yourself. haha.
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