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Mariah Carey - Through The Rain tab

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Title: Though The Rain

Artist: Mariah Carey

Chords made by: Charlie Edsel Valera
                Student Nurse 4th level

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Intro: A-F#m-D-A/C#-Bm-E

A                 F3m
when you get caught in the rain
when you nowhere to run
     E/G#         F#m
when byou distaught and in pain
D                A               E/G#
whithout anyone when you keep crying out
F#m              D   A
to this day but nobody comes
     E/G#        F#m
and you feel so far away
       D              F#m         C#7
then you just cant find your way home
F#m         Bm             E
you can get there alone it's ok wont you stay

A         E/G#        F#m
i can make it through the rain
        E           D
i can stand up once again
A/C#        Bm
oh my own, and i know
         E           A
that im strong enough to mind
E/G#           F#m
and everything i feel to pray
Em     A          D
i hold tighter to my faith
             A/C#   Bm
and i live one more day
         E         A
and make it through the rain

Interlude: E/G#-F#m-D-A/C#-Bm-E

CP verse:
and if you keep falling down
dont you dare to give ion
you will arise safe and sound
so keep pressing  on steadfastly
and youll find what you need to prevail
what you say (Refrain)

and when the wind blows
        E                  Bm
and shadow grow close dpnt be afraid
C#m             C#7 F#m
there's nothing you cant face

and should they tell yo
youll never go through
Bm             C#m        D      E
don't hesitate, stand tall and say

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