Marina And The Diamonds - Oh No chords

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Hope it's okay I've wanted to get this done for ages her best song I think apart 
from Mowgli's Road.

For this bit strum once for each note

E     E  G
Don't do love

E     E  A
Don't do friends

Strum all the way through this bit

E           G       A
I'm only af-ter suc-cess

Strum each note once

E     E    G     E E     A
Don't need a rel-a-tion-ship

Strum all through this bit

E             G      A
I'll never soften my grip

Strum each once
E     E    G
Don't want cash

E     E    A
Don't want card

Repeat that twice(with the different lyrics.)

I'll put on the chorus and rest of the song later.
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