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Marina And The Diamonds - Outsider chords

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Am                  F         D               Am
Feeling like a loser Feeling like a bum
C                     F           D                   E
Sitting on the outside Observing the fun
Am                       F          D                 Am
Don't get on my bad side I can work a gun
C                       F                  D                          E
Hop into the backseat baby I'll show you some fun

             Am                        D
These people are weird in here
                   Am                  E
And they're giving me the fear
         Am                             D
Just because you know my name
              Am                          E
Doesn't mean you know my game
            Am               D
I look myself in the face
                      Am                       E
And whisper "I'm in the wrong place"
               Am                      D
Is there more to lose than gain
           Am                  E
If I go on my own again? (On my own again)

Am                          D
       Inside the outsider 
Am                          E
       Inside the outsider 
Am                          D
       Inside the outsider 
Am          E

(And then it repeats Am, D, Am, E until the bridge)

People are connecting
Don't know what to say
I'm good at protecting
What they want to take

Spilt the milk at breakfast
Hit me double hard
And I grinned at you softly
Because I'm a fucking wild card

(Pre-Chorus and Chorus 1x)


Am             D            Am     D
All I know is I cannot pretend
Am                   D                 Am  D
So I'm sitting on the outside again

(Chorus x2)

(End on Am)
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