Mark Davis - Burning Post chords

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Key: Dm
No Capo

Intro: Dm C Am Dm

She a memory a holy ghost 
a glimpse of all he once loved most
Am                                      Dm
She wanders like a whisper through the hallways

When day gives into dark of night
Dreams that die in sunlight
Am                                      Dm
He sees her shadow standing in the doorway

She comes to him both sure and slow
Hey there honey why you all alone
Am                                     Dm
Coming home to keep your lonely heart warm

He reaches for her standing there
He longs to touch her cold black hair’
Am                                      Dm
but she vanishes into the dust she came from

You can’t hitch your pony to a burning post
You cant stop time not even close
Am                                 Dm
Put a handle on the holy ghost not ever


She’s a memory, a holy ghost 
A sense of all he once held close
Am                           Dm
A blessin and a burden all together

Days falls into the night
To dull the bitter edge of sight
Am                                      Dm
He tries his best sometimes just to forget her

He feels her presence everywhere
Smells her perfume in the air
Am                                  Dm
She flickers like a candle in the window

He reaches for her to touch the flame
But she’s already so far away
Am                                      Dm
She’s left him with a thousand pale momentos

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