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Mark Harris - Line Between The Two chords

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Am          G               C              F     
A beginning and an ending, dates upon a stone 
Am            G                   C                            F   
But the moment in the middle is how we will be known 
Am            G                   C                            F   
Cause what defines us can be found within a line 
Am       G                    F G
Finding reason for our time 

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            C                  G
And the years go by, how they seem to fly 
Em                      F
Theyíll all be over soon 
              C                           G
When our life is done, did we live and love 
The way we wanted to 
         C                        G
Cause everyday that we leave behind 
Em                       F
Goes on to tell the truth 
F                                G                  C
Of how we lived in the line between the two 
The line between the two 

Will I walk straight, will I be true 
Will I finish strong 
Will I stand up for the moment 
When I could right a wrong 
Because the legacy we have will never change 
Itís how we spend our days 

F                                   Am
I could live a life for just myself 
F                                           Am
Or I could live a life for someone else 
F                                     Am
But Iíll live and die just to hear 
You say 
Well done my son come and be with Me 


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