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Mark Knopfler - Metroland chords

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I think this is pretty accurate, but please tell me if there's anything wrong. Tho 
it's not exactly how it really should be played as I think there's some chords 
inbetween in the verses. But it still works fine.


F C Am Am7
F C G Gm
Am Caug C C7

C Cadd9 x8

Am                   C
 Yearning we were yearning
                G             F
 Green light blinding on the rail
Am                 C
 Burning we were burning
                 G              F     G
 And the line unwinding to the Holy Grail
                  F                 Am
 To the future gleaming on a blue horizon
               F              G
 And a golden girl on golden sand
  Am          C
 Dreaming fantasizing
              G             C      F G
 In another world from Metroland

                 Am                  C
 I've danced in rain and I've been Django
 And I've got laid
 I've been a rolling stone
 I've been Verlaine
 And I've been Rimbaud
       G        F    G
 Not afraid to walk alone
            F                 Am
 And now I take my midnight ramble
               F                 G
 Do I fold or play what's in my hand
             Am                   C
 What's at stake and what's the gamble
       G            C   F G    C   F G
 Do I stay in Metroland

  Am                   C
 Dreams yesterday's laughter
              G                  F
 Ghosts and lovers come back to play
       Am                    C
 But dreams have a morning after
               G            F       G
 And run for cover in the light of day
                  F                 Am
 I got something real worth holding on to
          F               G
 I can belong to and understand
 I've made my deal
 I will go on to
           G               C   F G   C  F G
 Make my peace with Metroland 
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