Mark Lanegan - Woe chords

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[E]We got some poison in us
[A]Cyanide and nico[E]tine
[A]More than you've ever [E]seen
[A]More than I can be-[E]lieve
[D]Woe-woe, [A]woe, woe
[A G A G - E]

[E]Guns guns they all got guns
[A]Now they wanna shoot some-[E]one
I'd rather be drunk than dead
[A]Or go where Jesus [E]fled
[A]So I'll get drunk a-[E]gain
[A]Or maybe [E]not
[D]Woe-woe, [A]woe, woe
[A G A G - E]

[E]I saw on a tombstone
[(G)-A]He came in this world a-[E]lone
[A]Spent all his time a-[E]lone
[A]He left this life a-[E]lone
[D]Woe-woe, [A]woe, woe
[A G A G - E]
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