Mark Lanegan - Creeping Coastline Of Lights tab

Creeping Coastline of Lights

Right buckos - this is pretty easy really. Put your guitar in drop tuning (all strings 
one half step). This means that all the chords appear one fret higher than normal. The 
are Gm, D# and A#.


The verse is just one run in Gm over and over:



The chorus simply extends this run by adding the D# and A# chords as follows:

   D#		          A#
     Creeping….         Coastline…

..of  lights


There isn’t really a solo in this song – however, there are several guitar breaks. These 
in the Gm natural scale. The obvious example, repeated several times, is:


However, I would suggest that just by staying in the Gm natural scale (and possibly 
scale), you will be able to improvise fairly well over the song.
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