Mark Olson - Doves And Stones chords

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Doves and stones by Olson/Louris
Capo I

C AmC AmDm G(2x)

F G C Fmaj7C Fmaj7C GAm Am/B C (2X)

G C Fmaj7 G/E


G C G G (2x)

Am D (X2)


Fmaj7 G/E

End on Fmaj7

Has a dream thats's grown old in your eyes
Mean something has died
Will i carry you in my heart ?
Never knowing why we parted

If i can't talk to doves and stones
Without you,my true love
I'll never whisper low
The only words that lovers need to say
Alone,alone, I'll hide my time
Alone,alone I'll hide my time
Talk to doves and stones
doves and stones

Has the storm that brought rain to our home
Deciding our lives
Running naked all alone
A clown that bleeds
A strange dance floor

Our hearts were on the sunny side
Boots were in the mud
Our hearts were on the sunny side
Boots in the mud
No other place to go
Inside the car with doves and stones

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