Mark Schultz - When You Come Home chords

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Fsus              F
My first day of recess
          Bb         F  
They all laughed at me
When I fell off the swing set
And scraped up my knee.

Fsus                 F
The nurse called my mama 
       Bb       F
To say I'd be late
And when she gave me the phone 
        Bb         C
I could hear mama say,
        Bb     F/A
I'm so sorry, son
            C         Bb   
Oh I think you're so brave
             F/A         Bb    Csus, C
And she was smiling when she said


When you come home
No matter how far
                Dm        C       Bb    Csus, C 
Run through the door and into my arms
It's where you are loved
It's where you belong
               Dm - C - Bb
And I will be here
C             Fsus - F - Bb - Bb minor
When you come home

Verse Two:

         Fsus                 F
I waved good-bye through the window 
      Bb           F
As I boarded the plane
    Am                       Bb
My first job in Houston was waiting for me
           Fsus        F
I found a letter from mama 
Bb            F
Tucked in my coat
And as I flew down the runway 
   Bb              C
I smiled when she wrote
  Bb        F/A
I miss you son
              C   Bb
You'll be so far away
             F/A             Bb - Csus, C
But I'll be waiting for the day


              Fsus         F 
Well I don't think she can hear you now
      Fsus      F   
The doctor told me.
Your mother is fading
It's best that you leave
     Fsus         F   
So I whispered I love you
    Fsus         F
And then turned away
But I stopped at the door 
       Bb          C 
When I heard mama say
  Bb       F/A  
I love you son
                    C  Bb
But they're callin' me away
        F/A         Dbsus - Csus, C
Promise me before I go

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