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Marlango - Pequeo Vals tab

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Pequeño Vals
Automatic Imperfection

Capo on 3rd fret

A   (002220)
Bm  (224432)
F#m (244222)
D   (x00232)

During the whole song

   A      Bm    F#m     D

Or just A Bm F#m D to the end
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Would you mind if i just sit down here
And watch you dance that waltz?
It gives faith just to see
What two people can be
With a pattern
And a glass of bubbles

Round and round
Round and round

Who can tell if colors i see
Is the same for you and me?
Who can say if the scent that i smell
Are the same for both of us?

Your steps drawn the milkyway
I see stars glowing in your footsteps

Round and round
And a round building a milkyway for me

Tabed by Toni Prat
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