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Martha Wainwright - Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole tab

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Martha Wainwright  BMFA (Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole)  - Tabbed by Leo Barker 

D - XX0232     G/D - XX0797       A/D - XX09119    Em9(no 5th) - xx2032-|
G5 - 3x0033    G5(1) - 3X0032        Em9 - 022032     A -x03330---------|

This song isnt nearly as hard as these chords would make out, but since there are so 
poorly tabbed versions out there, I thought Id throw mine into the mix which is certainly 
bit more accurate.
For the D and G/D chords that open the song and are repeated throughout, you need to 
the first finger onto the middle G string, listen for the timing.
So you are going from this:     xx0032 this:     xx232.    And then this: this:    xx0797.
The only other thing to note is that she alternates between using the G5 and the G5(1) 
as I have labelled it above, so just listen for which is used where.
D     G/D
D				         G/D
Poetry is no place for a heart that's a whore
D 					     G/D
And I'm young & I'm strong But I feel old & tired, overfired.
D							         G/D
And I've been poked & stoked, it's all smoke, there's no more fire
Only desire
 		     Em9(no 5th)
For you, whoever you are
For you, whoever you are

Second Verse:
D					   G/D
You say my time here has been some sort of joke
 		       D				G/D
That I've been messing around some sort of incubating period
		       D                   G5
For when I really come around I'm cracking up
And you have no idea
		G5(1)		   D
No idea how it feels to be on your own
	    G5(1)		  D
In your own home with the fucking phone

		    G5   <---- note not G5(1)
And the mother of gloom
In your bedroom
Standing over your head
		      Em9                         D
With her hand in your head, with her hand in your head
	   G5			       D
I will not pretend I will not put on a smile
		       G5 			A
I will not say I'm all right for you when all I wanted was to be good
		      G5		       D
To do everything in truth, to do everything in truth

From here on there are no surprises and you can follow the patterns above and just 
to match the chords.  Any questions or corrections please feel free to get in contact.
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