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Martin Sexton - Fall Like Rain chords

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(Capo 1st Fret)

Note: The G7sus4add9 is a open C7 played up one step on D.  Don't know if it's a D7 or 
what.  Be cool if some one knew. Good luck, have fun

C7    G7sus4add9
0         0
3         5
2         4
3         5
1         3
0         0

Intro: E7   D  (Asus/D   A2)  C  D

E7                                 D  Asus A
How do I know what I really need?
E7                                               D  Asus A
Do I find it in Church or watch it on TV?
E7                                   D  Asus A
How far will I go just to feel alive?
E7                                                          D  
Asus A
What crazy stunts will I pull just to see the other side?
C                  D                                       B/D                 
Will I read it in a paper back book before I fall asleep from the pills I took,
    Am                                    B9
or hide it under my bed and dream my life away.

E7                          D (Asus/D-A2) Asus                       C                      D
I wanna feel, I wanna fall like rain with no shelter so I can feel which way the wind is 
blowin today.
E7                          D (Asus/D-A2) Asus                   
     C                               D
I wanna love, I wanna see the world, gonna tell the truth and feel the sun a come a 
shinin down on my face.
E7   D Asus A (play twice)

E7                                            D Asus A
Can't ignore the heat till you've been frozen cold.
E7                                                            D 
Asus A
You can't feel young unless you've been growin old.
E7                                                               D 
Asus A
How can you know love until you've got a broken heart.
E7                                           D Asus A
Can't get anywhere until you make a start

C                              D                                     
B/D                     C
Dig the pain dial up some will, your world is spinin and you're standing still.
Am                                      B9
Dig your dreams, but don't dream your life away.

Bridge:  A2  G#m   G  F#7  (I think this is what it is.  Root notes are correct.)

C7                         G7sus4add9      C7                          
Feel the sun come shinin’ down     Feel the wind come blowin’ round
C7                         G7sus4add9      E7      D 
Asus A
Feel the sun just falling down like rain
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