Marty Stuart - Ghost Train Four-oh-ten chords

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Song: Ghost Train Four-Oh-Ten
Artist: Marty Stuart (& His Fabulous Superlatives)
Album: Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions
Words and music by: Marty Stuart
Tuning: Standard
Capo: 4th fret

Intro: E  G  D  A

Think I'll go down to the depot, though the train don't run no more
        D                                               A
Take a ticket and start walkin', down to the old gulf shore
             A                                             D
Well I'm a-lookin' for a train, that runs silent with the wind
         A                              E                  A
Haulin' sad souls, bound for nowhere, Ghost Train Four-Oh-Ten

Big money took my cotton, left me busted, down to scratch
         D                                                          A
Well my woman couldn't take the hard times, she ain't never comin' back
  A                                                  D
Ain't no use in me stayin', send word to my next of kin
           A                            E                  A
Well I'm leavin', yes I'm leavin', on Ghost Train Four-Oh-Ten

           D                           A
Well I've seen it in my dreams, I've heard it in my mind
      A                                                  E
Somewhere between eight-oh-six, just past the twelve-oh-nine
            A                                         D
A tortured soul is all it takes, to ride it till the end
  A                               E                  A
Black steel, bound for nowhere, Ghost Train Four-Oh-Ten

Solo: A  D  A  D  A  E  A

Gamblers, thugs and thieves, and the likes of me
     D                                              A
No questions asked or answered, how it is is how it be
       A                                                D
No particular destination, headed back where it's just been
          A                             E                  A
Haulin' tear-stained weary travelers, Ghost Train Four-Oh-Ten
        E                  A
Well, Ghost Train Four-Oh-Ten
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