Mary Black - Black Is The Colour chords

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This is my 1st tab! Sorry if theres any typo's! Theres a key change in the last verse,
 which I think suits it verry well!! cappo on 1st frett.

 Amin       C              G          Amin
Black is the colour of my true loves hair

C        F        G           Emin
Her lips are like some roses fair

                     F              G       Emin
She's the sweetest smile and the gentlest hands

       Amin      C      G           Amin
And I love the ground where on she stands.

Amin       C         G       Amin
 I love my love and well she knows

 C          F           G      Amin
I love the ground where on she goes

 C         F       G         Emin
I wish the day it soon would come

 Amin        C       G     Amin
when she and I could be as one.


D             G    A               D
I go to the clyde and I mourn and weep

           G  A          D
for satisfied I neer can be

                 G     A                 D              G   A
I write her a letter, just a few short lines and suffer death

a thousand times.
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