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Mascaleros - Coma Girl tab

Artist-Joe Strummer and the Masceleros
Song-Coma Girl
Guitarist-Joe Strummer

This is an awsum song to play with a band! its real simple
Hope its right!

    E      Bm       A    
  |---|   |---|   |-0-|   
  |---|   |---|   |-2-|   
  |-1-|   |-4-|   |-2-|   
  |-2-|   |-4-|   |-2-|   
  |-2-|   |-2-|   |-0-|   
  |-0-|   |---|   |---|  

  E                                         Bm
I was Crawling Through A festival Way Out West
  E                                        Bm
i was thinking about love and the acid test
  E                                           Bm
but first i got real dizzy with a real rocking gang
  E                           A
then i saw the coma girl and the excitment gang
    Bm                                    A 
and the rain came in through the wide Blue yonder
   Bm                     A
Through all the Stages I wanderd
  E       A    Bm               E
Oh coma Girl and the excitment gang
  E     A    Bm              E
Mona Lisa and the motorcycle gang
E       A      Bm      E
Oh coma Girl
E     A      Bm       E
Coma Girl

Play Same Cords as in verse1 for verse2


The Coma girl was beating with the oil drum gang
SOme fast Food finatic was burning down the Burger van
Somebody was wailing of their head
nobody was ripping the teen seen dead

and the rain, came in from the wide blue yonder
i thought you and me might wander...

play same cords as in chorus 1


oh coma girl, and the excitement gang
mona lisa, on a motorcycle gang
coma girl
mona lisa
just bass
And then the nineteenth hour was falling upon desolation row
some outlaw band, had the last drop on the go
lets siphon up some gas!! lets get this show on the road!!
said the coma girl, to the excitement gang
Into action , everybody sprang
and the oil drums were beating out, doo lang, doolang

Chorus-same chords

coma girl on the excitment gang
shes the mona lisa on a motorcycle gang

ANd thats all there is to it!
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