Mason Clover - Crisis Of Belief chords

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Crisis of Belief - Mason Clover

Same chords throughout the entire song: Em9, C, C2
The C chords can be alternatively played as C9 chords

Intro: Em9, C, C2 x4


       Em9     C, C2              Em9            C, C2
Your invitation      led me to a crisis of belief
             Em9        C   C2
And I wasn't ready to adjust 
            Em9          C, C2
The way you wanted of me
        Em9                    C, C2
Now I'm ready to hear from you
             Em9              C, C2
There's just repentance in me
           Em9                 C, C2
Father I'm sorry I doubted you
       Em9                  C, C2
I'm as foolish as one can be


Won't you come to me 
C     C2        Em9             C, C2
Stay awhile I'm ready to believe
Won't you come to me
      C         C2
I can hear your voice 
          Em9            C, C2
You never turned from me

Verse 2:

           Em9       C, C2
Your cleansing spirit
           Em9      C, C2
I need to cleanse me 
            Em9                         C    C2
And I'm not worthy of the love that you give
            Em9                 C, C2
For all the hurtful things I did
          Em9                C            C2
And in my circumstance it is clear to see
That you living in me 
              C   C2
Will bless my kids 


Instrumental/Outro: Em9,  C,C2  x4

I can hear your voice 

I can hear your voice 

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