Mason Jennings - Black Wind Blowing chords

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Creepish amazingness from old MJ once again.

Tuned a half step down.

G        C             am           em   
When I Got Home There Was Blood on the Door
G        C             am           em
Saw you Lyin on the kitchen floor
G        C             am           em
I ran down the hallway and I saw what he did
G        C             am           em
I saw our little bitty baby lyin dead in her crib

G     C   am    em
Theres a black wind blowin
G     C   am    em
There's a black wind blowin
G                  C
There's a black wind blowin outside our gates
am                 em
tryin to blow this place into outer space
G      C    am     em
There's a black wind blowin

I didn't bother pickin up the phone
Want to get there first I want ya all alone
There's gonna be blood on the walls on a highway south
Your scripture won't save you when my guns in your mouth


I was 18 when I first came here
Just me and my brother tryin to disappear
He chose the prophet baby I chose you
From that day I feared what he could do


I took the corner and I gunned it hard
Drove my truck into your front yard
You came out runnin but I was too fast
I took out your legs and dropped you in the grass
There people outside I heard somebody scream
My whole life became a movie screen
I remembered us jumpin on mommas bed
She was yellin be careful or you bump your head
I stuck my gun up under your chin
My hand was shakin so I dug it in
You started laughin said I understand
You wish you couldn't but I know you can, You can
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