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Mason Jennings - Rudy chords

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New song from MJ's album "Minnesota" 

(tune 1/2 step down)

Verse Chords

(in order of the progression)

    dm     dmb3     am      G       G7     (Gadd2)

~~Try pulling of from the dm to the dmb3 to the am
  And hammering the Gadd2 on then pulling off to the G
  And pulling off from the G to the G7
  (listen to the song and you'll see what I'm saying)
~~as a note you'll have to use two different finger positions 
  to play both G hammer on/pull off parts easily.
  (listen to the song and you'll see what I'm saying)

Chorus Chords

(in order of the progression)

    F       dm      dm7   Dsus2      F(2nd)  G  


   dm dmb3 am G Gadd2 G G7 x1
   dm dmb3 am G G     G G7 x1

dm                    dmb3      am
I was standing by the village gates
       G           Gadd2     G
When I first heard your name
dm               dmb3   am
The King sent his men to 
     G             G7       
seize Gabriels man

(repeat Chord pattern with words)

And when Gabriel he refused
The men took both his daughters
And cut the wedding ring fingers 
from their hands
Next three days I heard three times
Separate similar stories
The King was taking what was ours 
for his own
Deep deep down in the pit of my chest
My fear turned to fury
When I thought about my family 
in my home

F                    dm     dm7
Good kind Rudy stood before the King
    Dsus2    F(2nd)           G
His mighty sword in his hand
F                                 dm       dm7
All through the valley they could hear him swing
      Dsus2  F(2nd)           G
and a joyful cheer filled the land
F              G                       dm
nobody's ever gonna treat us like that again

Late that night all the men in the village
Gathered in a clearing in the forest and
We elected King Rudy to lead us now

He decided right away
That the King must die
Heads bent forward as he told us how

We split up in two large groups
and headed for the castle on the hill
My group stormed he front all the guards came running

Rudy's group snuck up from the back and
Laid their ladders up against the castle wall
Nobody ever saw them coming

Then finish with the chorus.

Corrections are welcome, hope you enjoy.
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