Mat Kerekes - Silver Bill chords

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Standard Tuning
Capo 1st fret

(Intro) C G C

        C             G           C
I could tell you were planning to stay
        C              G             Am
I could tell that some things hadn't changed
             C         G              Am            Fmaj7
How you were sayin' my name with that smile on your face
              C             G       C
Yeah, I could tell you were carried away

            C             G           C
I heard you don't fall asleep in your bed
            C             G              Am
I heard you haven't quite found yourself yet
               C         G               Am      Fmaj7
I heard you're out every night with those liquor eyes 
          C          G                C
Searching for a good man to treat you right

        C               G    C
I still listen to those same songs
       C            G      C
That I showed you a summer ago
       C             G      Am         Fmaj7
Do you remember when I drove late that night 
        C          G         C
And you didnt even bother to call

          C             G          C
I saw you at my friends party last night
             C             G              Am
You're still searchin' for something that shines
       C              G               Am    Fmaj7
Yeah I watched as you cried and I felt satisfied 
         C            G    C
And that just doesn't seem right

C G Am C

C G Am C


  C             G            C
I blistered the bottom of my feet
           C               G        Am
While your eyes have grown tired of me
                C             G              Am         Fmaj7
You've got your drink in your hands with your one night stands
                C           G       C
That stuff just never meant much to me

   C           G        C
We lied on the bathroom floor
       C             G       Am
With a mouth full of lies to ignore
        C             G             Am       Fmaj7
Like my brother would say you'll realize one day
             C            G        C
That I would just like to know for sure

   C              G        C
My friend gave me a silver bill
           C           G             Am
He used to keep it for good luck and will
     C          G       Am          Fmaj7
well I don't believe in things like these 
      C             G           C
But I keep it in my left pocket still

           C          G         C
When every weekends a chance to live 
        C            G     Am
And you cant wait to do it again
               C          G                  Am        Fmaj7
You're clearly growin' up fast you've changed all your plans 
              C            G            C
I'm still the same kid you fell in love with.
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