Mat Kerekes - Silver Bill chords

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Pretty sure this is 100 percent correct. The strumming pattern is very simple and 
easy to figure out. Enjoy!

The original recording is no capo but mat has played it live with a capo on the 
3rd fret so you can play it either way you want.

C:     x32010
C/G:   320010
Am:    x02210
Em:    022000

Intro: C  C/G  C

        C             C/G         C
I could tell you were planning to stay.
        C              C/G        [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]
I could tell that some things had changed.
             Am        Em             [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]        C
How you were saying my name with that smile on your face,
              C             C/G     C
Yeah, I could tell you were carried away.

            C            C/G          C  
I heard you don't fall asleep in your bed.
             C            C/G            [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]
I heard you haven't quite found yourself yet.
               Am         Em            [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]    C
I heard you're out every night with those liquor eyes,
          C          C/G              [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]
Searching for a good man to treat you right.

         C              C/G   C
I still listen to those same songs
        C           C/G    [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]
that I showed you a summer ago.
          Am         Em      [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]    C
Do you remember when I drove late that night
        C           C/G       C
and you didn't even bother to call?

          C             C/G        C
I saw you at my friends party last night.
              C            C/G            [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]
You're still searching for something that shines.
    Am            Em            [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]    C
I watched as you cried and I felt   satisfied
          C           C/G   [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]
and that just doesn't seem right.  

Break: Am  C/G  [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]  C  C/G  [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch] x2

      C             C/G          C
I've blistered the bottom of my feet,
            C               C/G       [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]
While your eyes have grown tired and weak.
                 Am            Em           [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]         C
You've got your drink in your hands with your   one night stands,
                 C          C/G     C
That stuff just never meant much to me.

     C          C/G       C
You layed on my bathroom floor 
        C             C/G     [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]
with a mouth full of lies to ignore.
         Am            E             [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]    C
Like my brother would say, you'll realize one day.
             C           C/G       [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]
But I would just like to know for sure.

    C             C/G       C
My friend gave me a silver bill.
           C           C/G          [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]
He use to keep it for good luck and will.
      Am         Em      [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]        C
Well, I don't believe in things like these,
       C             C/G         C
But I keep it in my left pocket still.

           C             C/G        C
When every weekend is a chance to live,
         C            C/G     [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]
And you can't wait to do it again.
               Am          Em                 [ch]Fmaj/C[/ch]         C
You're clearly growing up fast, you've changed all of your plans,
                  C            C/G          C
But I'm still the same kid you fell in love with.
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