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Matisyahu - Fire Of Heaven Altar Of Earth tab

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Artist: Matisyahu
Song: Fire of Heaven/Altar of Earth
Album: Youth

Capo 2

Intro: Am G F G

    Am              G                F          G
G|-------------------------------------------------------------| X 4

Am                    G                      F     G
Fire descends from on high in the shape of a lion
Am                    G                       F     G
Burn the sacrifice of pride and ride on Mount Zion
Am                    G                      F     G
Fire descends from on high in the shape of a lion
Am                    G                       F     G
Burn the sacrifice of pride and ride on Mount Zion
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    Am                  G
Rub me the wrong way, taking the highway
        F                        G
Rubbing sticks together but your fire's man-made
      Am                     G
Capitalize on hot air, soar like an airplane
Yearn to rise in the sky quick high like cocaine
False pride is suicide but you've got nothing to gain
Babylon's buildings raise like flames
Drowning in their champagne
  F                             G
Explosion pulled the pin in the hand grenade
     Am                        G
Soul stain blowing up, in your own domain
     F                              G
Fire crackers ohh and aah, but they never maintain

F              G
Fires burning, flames are dancing
    Am                       G
Don't burn the house down Lord
F             G                  Am                  G      
Heavenly fire only resides on an altar made from the ground


Am          G
One pair of eyes
    F                 G
But see two different things
Am         G             F         G
One person cries but the other one sings
Am                             G
You walk around like everybody owes ya something
              G                  F
Take what you got, thank God for all that life brings
    Am                             G
The poor man has it all but not content with anything
          F                                   G
While the rich man's hands are empty but he's sitting like a king


Dm                               G
Backpack's getting heavy, moving at a steady pace
         Am                             Em
Carrying bricks on your shoulders and lead around your waist
       Dm                          Am
Making way, run in haste, there is no time to taste
What you ate, we should be grateful got a plateful
Fire burns like ice morsels falling fire like rain

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