Matt Andersen - How I Wish chords

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How I Wish - Matt Andersen

How I wish I could change
The minds of the world
To find better ways
Than fighting in wars

How I wish I could teach
A child to sing
Show her the smiles
And joy that it brings

How I wish I could learn
All that I still donít know
How to be a better man
How to never grow old

How I wish I could write
A song full of smiles
That could bring us together
If just for a while

How I wish there was time
For all this and more
To see the change come
And to watch it all grow

How I wish I could wish
And have it come true
Not just for myself
But for all of you too

How I wish for the best
In all that you do
May all of your wishes
Come true for you
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