Matt Duke - Sex And Reruns chords

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Matt Duke
Sex and Reruns

Couldn't find an accurate tab of this so I decided to put my version up.  Video:

Note that the album version uses a capo on 1 and that the studio acoustic version 
doesn't use a capo, so do what you like best.

some chords:
B*  [x20010]
D*  [xx1230]
Am7 [x02010]
A7  [x02020]
D i play [xx0230]
and in the chorus, D is [x54030] instead of the regular D

Verse 1:
So you shake through the night,
Tucked under the covers tightly.
        Am7             B*          C                              G
Theres monsters in the shadows and zombies in the street lights.
And the sounds from the street
Like some terrible cacophony
   Am7              B*            C                                G
It cuts through the walls of your bedroom and haunts your dreams.

Pre-Chorus 1:
    D     B*   C
But dont you cry,
     D         B*   C
Id sing you a lullaby,
      D               D*
But by and by its a waste of time,
         Em         D          C
Take a spoonful to settle your mind.
And I wish you goodnight.

Lock out all your demons
With white noise, pills and Jesus,
     Bm        C            Am7          B*     C
And when I get down, I just turn off the lights.
I find friends and love with some
Online sex and reruns
    Em          A7           C
And when I get down, I just turn off the light, the light, the lights.
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