Matt Farris - Redneck Radio chords

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Last week she got my number, I never thought shed call                     D
That country queen surprised me, Lord shes got it all                    D
I hope shes not put off, This truck is all I got                          D 
Iíll crank the speakers up, give it my best shot                 D          D  E  F  F#  

So Iíve got the dial tuned to some hillbilly rock n roll            G                 D
Iíve got the windows down while Iím heading down that open road              G            A
Rockin to that redneck radio              D

Joes been working Sundays, hes got some overtime
He said Iíve got the money, lets go down tonight
Letís go grab the beer, head down to the lake
Turn up that stereo, and drop that tail gait

LEAD:  G     D     G     F     A
BREAK: D  E  F  G  G#
So crank up some hank and lefty, Waylon and willie too
Long as your rocking with me, like the rednecks do

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