Matt Hires - Out Of The Dark chords

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so this is my first tab/chord thing and im a self taught guitarist so I dont really know
names of chords... i just make them up by ear and then look up what chord it is using a
progressions thing online... so this is what I play and it sounds right to me... i hope 
translates on paper (or screen i guess)

E                 F#m     B
I'm burnt out and wasted.
             C#m          E
I'm tired of pacing.
          F#m     B             E
I'm busy erasing voices of the dead.
            F#m       B
Everything changes,
                C#m         E
And everyone's faceless.
         F#m          B              E
I wanna replace this darkness in my head.

      F#m               B
In a strange, strange place,
C#m                    E
Lying on the edge of a star.
         F#m       B
In these violent days,
   C#m                     E
I only wanna be where you are.
      F#m        B
Even fools, they say,
      C#m                    E
Could find a way out of the dark,
        F#m    B
Of the dark,
help me out of the dark.

Verse (same as first verse):
E              F#m      B
Have I been a sinner?
A lover? A killer?
E                       F#m
Cause the world I've discovered,
      B               E
It's nothing like my heart.
        F#m          B
I wanna escape it,
           C#m         E
Or try to embrace it.
I keep rearranging,
B             E
Everything I know.

(Chrous) X2
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