Matt Hires - Restless Heart chords

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Capo 7

G (Intro)

G                           C
Pretty girls come from the ugliest places 
    Em                          D
You come from the worst of them all 
G                          C
Heartbreakers like you are hard to erase
    Em         D         C
You lift me up just so I fall
  G                        C
I followed you all the way down to the coast 
       Em                      D
And we kissed under travelling skies 
  G                        C
I wish I had seen what was coming for me 
        Em          D          C
But you wear such a lovely disguise

G                  Em        C
Heyyy you've got a restless heart
        Em                     D
Beating out out out on your sleeve
    G                Em       C
And I won't let this fire start
     Em         D            C
You say love is all that you need
            Em           D         C
Well you're not gonna get it from me
   G     D         Em        D           C
Oh-oh oh-oh no you're not gonna get it from me

    G                     C
You say that you wanted a lover 
             Em                     D
Someone to cover your head when it rains
      G                 C
But even a hopeless romantic like me
       Em              D          C
Yeah I know that it's all just a game
G                       C
Everyone's looking for love
    Em                 D
For something to hold on to
    G                      C
Oh I've been looking for twenty-five years 
      Em            D         C
And I know I won't find it in you


   C                  G
I won't let you break my heart
I won't let you break 
    Em                    D
I won't let you break my heart

(Repeat First Verse)
(End Chorus)
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