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Matt Mays - Mornin Son tab

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			     Mornin' Sun - Matt Mays & El Torpedo
Tabbed by:

A great song with awesome nuances that are not included here, so please offer your 
comments, etc.  The solo is in the same key, and Matt's solos aren't too difficult, I'm 
too lazy to tab it all out. Enjoy!


Key of E flat
Capo 1

Intro A

Verse 1
D                   A
Everyone's havin' a good time
  D		   A
Hotel room late at night
    D        Bm      E
And I'm here feeling bad
       D          A
So I'm going down oceanside
   D                 A
To give my mind some air
     D                 Bm             E
On a night like this I really like it there

A       D

A       D
Late at night
A                      D
Where have you been so long
Mornin' sun

Verse 2
      D                 A
These wheels won't stop turning
  D                 A
Inside this head of mine
The right way to feel
   Bm                E
Is sometimes hard to fight

A       D


     D                   E
Live life like a rolling stone
A               D
Waitin' for the early signs of day
               E                  A        D
Watchin' for a sign that tells me where to go
         E     A
Then I'm on my way




Mornin' sun

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