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Matt Nathanson - Curve Of The Earth tab

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A2              E            C#m   B2
I tried to come down from you 
I tried with your voice in my head 
Knocking me back\ 
 C#m             B2
Every inch I moved 
                         A2  E  
I'm a sucker for a good lie 
            C#m            B2
The way you say you understand
            A2              E
and how you always talk of catching me
           C#m           B2
but never open up your hand 

                  A2                E
Tell me does the world revolve the same 
                C#m              B2 
Tell me do the people all take care of you
          A2                    E
Did you doubt the curve of the earth 
And every word..
Every word
                    A2   E   C#m   B2
I'll bet you heard 

(and this is the whole song..)
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