Matt Papa - The Reward Of His Suffering chords

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Capo 3

Intro: Em

Verse 1:
Em                            C        G    Bm Em
You carried our cross and you took the shame
                              C     G     
You buried our death when You rose again
       Am              Em              C            Em
So let every tribe and tongue come and worship You alone
        Am                        Em            D
Let all heaven and earth and the universe bring praise

        G       D     Em   C         G        D    Em   C
May the Lamb of God receive the reward of His suffering
      G             D/F#      Em        C
He is worthy, He is worthy, worthy to receive
      G/D         D    Em  C
The reward of His suffering

Verse 2:
Em                           C              G Bm Em
You promised the day of Your praise would come
                     C          G
A chorus of nations around Your throne
       Am            Em        C        Em
So let our ambitions die as we lift our Savior high
      Am                      Em            D
As we carry the cross and the gospel to the world


Bridge (x2):
    G                   D
All glory and honor and praise
    Em                   C
All glory and honor and praise
    G                   D/A   Em
All glory and honor and praise
To the Lamb that was slain

Verse 3:
Em                        C         G   Bm Em
Now send us and usher the bride You love
                          C        G
We know though we suffer, You have won
         Am              Em             C                Em
So we're running to this world, fearing nothing but Your Word
       Am                    Em       D   
Our victorious King He shall have His reward


Bridge (x4)

Outro: G

Hey! This song is very awesome and I hope you like it. For the Outro let the "g" ring. God bless!

Psalm 121:1-2
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