Matt Pond Pa - Love To Get Used tab

Song: Love To Get Used
Artist: Matt Pond
Album: The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand
Tabbed by: Patrick Gamache

This song is a little funny, and I still am having some trouble getting one
guitar to sound like the studio version because of how many guitar layers 
there are, plus the synthesizer. With that warning, unless you are right on 
time, the song will sound pretty funny. That said, there are several decent 
videos out there of this song, and that is how I got the chords. 

Capo 5

Em  |022000|
G   |320003|
D   |xx0232|
C   |x32010|
C5  |x355xx|
G5  |355xxx|
Am7 |x02010|

Main Riff

  Em      G       D       G       Em      G       C       
For the verses, you play the above chord progression with exactly the same rhythm.

Fill for lead guitar during verses


C5               G5
   Black bird,     from the blue
G5            C5
   I give my love to get used
C5             G5
   High hawks    come true
G5                C5
   You give your love to get used

Note: when Matt plays this live, he uses a D chord in the refrain instead of 
that second G, but honestly I think it sounds better with just the G5 and C5 


C                   D
   Let's hang on to abandon
G                       C
   Let's hope we lose control
Em                  D
   To be out in the open, baby
G                    C
   And let go of the ropes
   Nothing into nothing

*There is a weird mix of an Em chord and a C chord here, depending on which
version you listen to. 


Good luck, folks! 

Also, if anyone can figure out what that weird electric guitar is doing in 
the studio version, let me know. It has been driving me crazy trying to 
figure that out. 
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