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Matt Pond Pa - Bring On The Ending tab

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Title:  'Bring On The Ending'
Artist: matt pond PA (
Album:  Emblems
Tabbed by Jorge Díaz (

      E A D G B E

E   --0-2-2-1-0-0--|
G#m --4-6-6-4-4-4--|
C#m --x-4-6-6-5-4--|
A   --x-0-2-2-2-0--|
B   --x-2-4-4-4-2--|

Note: (*) means playing this with your pinky (pressing, releasing and pressing) while playing B chord

E ---------|
B -4-2-5-4-|
G ---------|

 Intro: (0:04)

E -4--4--4--4--4--4--|
B -5--5--5--5--5--5--|
G -4--4--4--4--4--4--|
D -------------------|
A -------------------|
E -------------------|

 Verse 1: (0:08)

 E               G#m
half of all our lives are spent
   c#m           G#m
encouraged by embarrassment
    A                   E
we hold our heads and stay asleep 
     A          E
and cannot hear
                B (*)  B
in case nobody called

 Chorus 1: (0:29)

follow the prim ones 
and sit on your hands
             G#m              B
watch your step don’t hardly move
speak in hushed tones 
                       c#m   G#m
till they bring on the ending
                  c#m    G#m
they bring on the ending
                  A       E
as we file to get outside
                   A       E
with all the same coats on

 Verse 2: (0:56)

 E             G#m
here it is december’s end
c#m          G#m
all our evaluations are in
the lowland’s goal 
is less than low 
      A         E
it’s good (good)
                 B (*)  B
so easy to have met them

 (1:16) [ Same as Verse 1 ]

 [ E  G#m  c#m  G#m  A  E  A  E ]


   E     G#m         c#m  G#m  A  E  A  E 
E --4--4--4--4------------------------------|
B -5--5--4--4---4--4--5--5---5---5---5---5--|
G -------------4--4--4--4---4---4---4---4---|
D ------------------------------------------|
A ------------------------------------------|
E ------------------------------------------|

 Verse 3: (1:49)

 E                 G#m
august light the weightless fall
     c#m                  G#m
the hold of trucks could carry us all
the hot exhaust
the thoughtless sleep
      A        E
we’d run (run)
                   B (*)  B
and fall into the river

 Chorus 2: (2:09)

we’d meet up at night 
pretty late by the falls
          G#m             B
talk too fast without regret
with headlights and stars
                          c#m    G#m
it was brighter than the daylight
            c#m      G#m
bodies all backlight
                  A             E
unconscious though we’re moving
               A     E
stereo was screaming


   E     G#m         c#m  G#m  A  E  A  E   B       B
E --4--4--4--4----------------------------------------|
B -5--5--4--4---4--4--5--5---5---5---5---5--4-2-5-4---|
G -------------4--4--4--4---4---4---4---4-------------|
D ----------------------------------------------------|
A ----------------------------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------------------------|

 Chorus 3: (2:56)

we’ll settle for stares
now un-glide with our hands
             G#m               B
the basement is where we will live
and stick to the crowds
               c#m    G#m
without ever speaking
                 c#m  G#m
we want it that easy
                      A      E
and don’t get caught dancing
                 A      E
even if you’re drinking
don’t get caught dancing 

 Outro: (3:24)

 [ E G#m c#m G#m ] x4

 [ Ends with E ]
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